Wednesday, November 18, 2009

New image search by Google: Google Image Swirl

Google Image Swirl Beta is a new Google's approach for the image search.

Google Image Swirl
Images are grouped in cycles, or "swirls" according to the similarity and concept relations. Google pretends to "go beyond just relying on text", as a Google Image Swirl Product Manager Aparna Chennapragada announced in the interview with the eWeek. Now Google Image Swirl search only for 200.000 queries but this amount is said to be increasing with the time. Google exploits object recognition algorithms together with the extracting of textual information about the image.

I like especially the design. It would be great to use Google' s search with Touchscreen.

Bing is said in both articles about Google Image Swirl (eWeek and ReadWriteWeb) to be a concurrent and actually a leader in the image search. But I found Bing VisualSearch quite different and thus incomparable with the Google concept.
You can try Bing VisualSearch only from Internet Explorer, only if you install Silverlight and only in English. More about Bing Visual Search you can find here:

However according to statistics of using the browsers: Mozilla is currently leading. In the July 31st Mozilla passed downloads.

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